1. Do you think this was the best design to test reading comprehension? Why did the researchers use trade books as the medium for teaching comprehension strategies? Do you think this was the best medium? Are there any modifications you would make to the study?

  2. The study said that the researchers were concerned about the disparity between the performance of minority children and their mainstream counterparts. Have you found this disparity to be true? What are ways to help decrease the disparity? Do you believe that “power code” teaching is necessary?

  3. The study used multiple types of lessons such as planned and unplanned. What are the benefits of using these strategies?

  4. The researchers found that strategies such as retelling, summarizing, and predicting helped the students with reading comprehension. Additionally, students put themselves in characters’ places and used self questioning to improve their skills. Are there ways you can use these same strategies in your own classroom?

  5. Was reading this study and its results useful to you? How?

  6. Was there any information that you think the study left out? If so, what? What information would have made this study more comprehensive?

  7. Was this study easy to understand? How did the study organize and present the information? Did the organization aid or impede understanding?