1. Have you (would you) used ability grouping in your own classroom? Share.

  2. Do you feel ability grouping is an effective way of teaching students? Why or why not.

  3. If you chose to do ability grouping in your classroom, how would you approach disguising the abilities among the groups?

  4. Do you feel it is important to praise all students the same regardless of ability?

  5. Would you prefer ability grouping within your classroom, or across classrooms in your school?

  6. What are possible ways to limit within-group comparisons?

  7. Were there any aspects of this research study that you found useful for your own research?

  8. Do you think ability grouping is even more noticeable in secondary school? Does it have the same effects? Explain.

  9. How would you rate the validity and relevancy of Eder’s study? Why?

  10. Did you notice any biases in her study? What about the questions she asked during the interviews with the students? Explain.