Things to Remember in Writing:

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Present a concise summary of the literature (research article, report, book, etc).

  2. Highlight the significant findings.

  3. Assess the quality of research design, methodology, analysis of results, and validity of conclusion

  4. Compare and contrast with a different literature on the same topic.

  5. State what aspects of this literature are related to your research study.

Sample Critical Bibliography 1

Sample Critical Bibliography 2

Literature Review

  1. Group or categorize group (section and subsections) of relevant literature.

  2. Be concise yet specific with significant details (design, methodology, findings, conclusion).

  3. Be explicit which one is your idea and that of the author/s.

  4. Summarize at the end of each subsection or include a summary in the conclusion section.

  5. Work on the flow of the paper. Use transitional phrases.

  6. Proofread, edit and ask a Writing Center tutor to review your final draft.

  7. Make sure to address all requirements listen on the lit review guidelines before submitting the final paper.

Sample Literature Review 1

Sample Literature Review 2