1) What kind of elements are you looking for in a worthwhile article?

2) If you could give the article you read for this week a score on a scale 1-10 in terms of how useful it will be for your research, what would it be and why?

3) Identify any of the techniques used in the study useful for your own collection of data?

4) How well did the abstract explain the research? Were you mislead or was anything unclear?

5) In what ways were the means of collecting data within the study you read similar or different to the data collection you will be using during your own research? Identify any new methods that you had never heard of or thought of before that might work for your study?

6) In terms of the participants used in the study you read, how did you feel about the size (amount) and characteristics? That is, do you feel the study was efficient with the sample they used, or do you think they would have benefited from changing the criteria for participants? Did this study help you further define the sample you will be using for your own research?

7) How does the author's conviction reflect in the data given in the article?

8) How are the author's ideas linked and connected throughout the article along with their research and data?