Research Project (Self Study)

  1. Research Topic

  2. IRB Proposal (Research Description )/School District Approval (Consent Forms)

  3. Title

  4. Abstract (100-150 words)

  5. Introduction/RQs (Definition of Terms)

  6. Literature Review

  7. Methodology

  8. Results/Data Analysis

  9. Conclusion (Lessons Learned)

  10. Self Evaluation (Research Experience Reflection)
  11. References
  12. Appendices (Protocols: Observation, Questionnaire/ Survey, Interview, Documents, Signed Consent, District Approval)

Digital Teaching Portfolio (DTP)

  1. DTP Guidelines

  2. Artifacts

  3. Essays (HDL, D, PI, LE, ID, C,A, CR, RPG, PCL, LA, T )

    1. Focuses on your competencies (knowledge and performance);
    2. Presents strong artifacts for each standard;
    3. Addresses the criteria in the rubric; and
    4. Explicitly states how the artifacts illustrate your mastery of standard.
    5. No Common Error.
  4. Visual/Auditory Representation & Essay

  5. Conceptual Framework Essay

  6. Content Knowledge Essay