1. In what ways can the teaching of French be engaging for students? How can we motivate students in learning French?

2. What makes modern novels relevant to young students?

3. How does technology use increase levels of students’ engagement and motivation? What happens when I connect lessons to real-life situations? What happens when I use different forms of assessment? What happens when the students focus on class achievement instead of personal achievement?

4. How does the use of primary sources affect a student’s understanding of history?

5.How does the use of films increase the amount of student interest? How does the use of films increase overall student understanding of key concepts and facts? How do films impact students’ memory of historical teachings? Does the length of film or film subject have more of an effect on the amount of student interest? Are there possible downfalls to using films in teaching history?

6. How can we as educators encourage students to enroll in average or advanced English courses more appropriate for and beneficial to their academic abilities as opposed to less challenging courses with minimal amounts of work?

What can be added to or taken from the curriculum to attract more students?

What types of popular culture can be incorporated into the classroom?

Would adding project options make assignments more appealing?

How can we incorporate individual student interests into classroom assignments?

Would adding more creative assignments make average or advanced English

more appealing to a wider variety or students?

7. How do Literacy Work Stations build students’ reading and writing success in the elementary classroom? How do Literacy Work Stations build reading comprehension and fluency? How do Literacy Work Stations support and increase students’ writing skills? How do Literacy Work Stations help teachers integrate the ideas of individualization and differentiation in the classroom? How does this aforementioned integration impact a student’s learning?

8. Would high school students rather do more activities in the classroom as a way to learn new material? Does a review activity before a test influence test scores?

9. How do manipulatives increase levels of students’ motivation? How do manipulatives assist teachers to explore topics and activities beyond the textbook? How do manipulatives allow students to discover and practice applications of mathematical knowledge? How do manipulatives impact student’s learning and achievement?

10. Can students perform basic math skills without a calculator? How can basic skills assist higher learning? Do students’ depend on their calculators?

11. In what way are the needs of Autistic students being addressed? How can schools improve their services provided to Autistic students?


How does technology use increase levels of students’ engagement? How does technology aid teachers and students to delve deeper into mathematical topics and/or study topics not previously part of the curriculum? How does technology impact student’s learning? In what ways do students learn mathematics in a classroom that integrates technology as part of the learning process?

What motivates students to read both in school and at home? How does

students’ motivation and teachers’ motivational strategies vary with grade level?

How do different classroom activities affect students’ motivation and engagement? To what degree are students engaged emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively for different types of classroom activities?

In what ways can teachers implement a multicultural social studies curriculum? What are important goals for teachers to have when implementing a multicultural social studies curriculum?

What are successful ways of teaching justification of inferences and proof with students at different readiness levels?What can I do to improve performance? What can I do to motivate students to obtain a more positive disposition toward proofs in mathematics?

What effective strategies can teachers implement to successfully meet the needs of students who read at different levels in a third grade class?

How does playing music at the beginning of the school day affect students’ behavior and motivation?